About us

diNero Internet Studio assumes the planning and graphics design of the presence of your company on the Internet. It also generates the on-line interests, order forms and the informational questionnaires – for the fragment of costs of the conventional newspaper advertisement.

We offer to build an interactive website which includes detailed information about your products and services with pictures and price lists. This site offers the possibility of on-line interest and on-line order to your visitors. You could get information about your visitors’ attitude to purchases by means of questionnaires.

This website includes information about your products and your company.

The site of your products includes interactive elements. Your visitor could see all of your products in all variation. They could make orders with their own idea while they could get to know its costs. This service would make the administration faster because your visitor will have the exact idea about the required products and its prices. It would make it possible for your company to hand over the ordered products to costumers in the synchronized time. The site of your company would make it possible for your viewers to get to know your services and your partners.










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